Back to Buenos Aires

And again we are back to Buenos Aires. This time we have our daughter Nina with us and spend hopefully splendid time with her and our friends in and out of world of tango in warm breezes of southern winds. Actually yesterdays about 40 degrees Celsius was quite a lot for all of us, we were in Tostado, Santa Fe, and came today morning to Buenos Aires. Hope to see you here! 

Building autumn calendar

Hello friends of tango,

we are preparing our autumn calendar after the break of summer.

We are available at the weekends and some Fridays of September, October and November in 2013.

We work on group classes, private lessons, practices, shows for example in a milonga, and chacarera group classes. Topics we agree according to the needs of the group or individual.

Let us know if you are interested and we will send our working conditions. It would be great to meet and study together.

Greetings from Tampere! Carina and Arttu.

Carina: +358 45 8466555

Arttu: +358 40 5071509

Leaving Argentina, living in Tampere

Drop, let go or leave gives us the opportunity to have the space for the new.

“It can be painful … it would be an act optimistic, hopeful, would ensure faith in the future … a statement that things can not only be different, but better. “

Hanif Kureishi

The mysterious duality of the days

With great sadness I have decided to leave Buenos Aires, friends and DNI Tango School, a physical and emotional space that housed me during my stay in Buenos Aires. A place where I received invaluable training and creative stimulation, where I was responsible for the store for almost three years and learned more than I imagined.

It was a unique experience of teamwork to work as a teacher and as a member of the DNI Company. I can only say thank you.

With great happines I will receive my first child. With Arttu we decided to move and have her in Finland. A different way to grow and learn is waiting for me, an incomparable experience. Strong emotions come and go with the one certainty of all the love I have to give her.

We arrived from Buenos Aires a few days ago. We worked in Jyväskylä and Lahti, and we will also in Tampere and Orivesi in HelaTango Festival. Until end of May we will be available for group classes. You can also book private lessons by private message (

We also had a welcome from our Finnish friends and family. Thanks for the party and hugs!

Then we’ll be seeing around. Dancing and enjoying the tango that we have in our lives.

Warm hugs, Carina.



And we are back in Buenos Aires. In this photo at DNI cafe. We’ll be here for three months now and go back to Finland in middle of April. “Here” meaning Argentina, not the DNI cafe.

See you around, here or there, as you like.

Winterish plans

Well well well. We have a plan. And tickets. For Carina to come to Finland for couple of weeks in December – January, for me to go to Argentina for three months in January – April. And after that the plan involves us to come to Finland for several months, until we hope to head back to Argentina for some months in November – April axis, not yet sure when then.

In the celebration of winter in Finland I took a photo of our morning. Hope you like it.

Autumn arrived

Carina returned to Argentina in the first days of October. She continues working in DNI Tango.

Arttu stayed in Finland for time being, waiting for opportunity to head to Argentina, too.

So autumn has been time for farewells and separation, as in some years that have passed. We work in our own homelands for a while, not really knowing too much about the future right now. We have some ideas and bookings for next summer, and hopes for the winter, but everything is “in higher hands” so to speak.

We really want to thank all the students and friends for the summer that passed, it has been a pleasure to work with you. Now we are waiting. We shall see.

Summerish workshops

Having a vacation right now after classes and workshops in Tampere, Vaasa and Basel in June, we do have some summer workshops ahead.

Last year we gave a milonga workshop in Hirvensuuli, Huittinen. This year in July we are going there to give a vals workshop. After classes there will be a milonga in a really cosy attic ballroom.

Last weekend of July will again be the summer tango festival in Varala, Tampere.

First weekend in August we will go to Helsinki to give some private and groupal classes. In August we also go to Oulunsalo. We are also trying to find a place for weekly classes in Tampere. Classes in June were really nice and we’d like to continue them.

Check our year 2012 for the dates if you are interested.