What happened last summer

Last summer was quietish, but relaxing. At the end of the spring we moved to live in new neighbourhood, and have now more space to live and give private classes. Some very nice tango-jobs during the summer, for example in June the little project Tango in Spanish, that is, giving tango classes and teaching some Spanish at the same time before the milongas. Also special Thursdays with Pasi and Maria were excellent, it is so good to work with them.

We also had a pleasure to dance in concert of Tango del Norte and Romina Bianca. Not to mention some other nice gigs.

At the end of the summer we gave some introductory tango classes as part of the World of Tango -happening in Tampere. World of Tango organised a series of classes and concerts in libraries in the area of Tampere, to promote and bring the idea of tango to suburbs. This was the second year for us to participate this, and very nice experience.

The World of Tango happening was in September, and we participated in it too, as dancers, choreographers and teachers. Thanks to Pasi and Maria Laurén, Tango aMoroso show group and Wold of Tango for the opportunity to work with you again.

In September started the weekly classes of Tango aMoroso association, us teaching the Monday group. October brought vals workshop in Lahti, that was last weekend. Always good to be in Lahti, the childhood home town of Arttu.

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