Wednesday classes in June

We are going to give weekly classes in Tampere in June. Wednesday is the day and six (or seven) is the time, as follows:

18.00-19.00 TTC technique class by Carina

19.00-20.30 Intermediate tango class by Arttu and Carina

Location is Ratina stadium, in center of Tampere. Address is Ratinan rantatie 1, Tampere, and there room Balet 3 (balettisali 3).

Dates are 6., 13., 20. and 27.6.2012.

You are so welcome to learn tango with us!

One thought on “Wednesday classes in June

  1. Jaana says:

    Che Arttu&Carina 🙂
    We are coming on Wednesday classes also 13.6.
    Best regards Jaana & Timo
    (I could not make that doodle print any more on Your calendar)

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